: Drilling out the block

05-23-10, 10:25 AM
I just got the stud kit from Jake, and now it's time to do the work. My one question is, how do I make sure I'm drilling the holes at the correct angle? I have seen Mike lawson's video on you tube where he is using a jig that is different than the one provided in the canada kit; would I be better off making one of those jigs rather than risking drilling a bad hole in the block?

05-24-10, 04:37 PM
Doesn't Jake's kit come with a jig alraeady? I believe everything you need to do the job is there in the kit?! I'd call him if I had any concerns.......

05-25-10, 02:42 AM
If you bought them from Jake talk to him. He's the MAN!

05-27-10, 01:54 PM
Do this: when you have the drill bit touching the block right before you start drilling, you'll see that there is a very small gap between the drill bit and the jig at the top. Make sure that the gap is EVEN all the way around, and your angle will be correct (assuming that you have the jig installed correctly. You did verify that the jig is centered PERFECTLY over the hole and torqued down tight, correct?)