: Help with RPO Code (Vinyl Top Issue)

05-23-10, 09:57 AM
I have a 92 Coupe Deville in Lt Beige Met., Paint Code U9805. I need to replace the 1/2 vinyl top that is so badly discolored I cannot tell what the original color was!! I have the SPID label and checked every code on it but I cannot find the vinyl top color. I'm thinking it might not be on that list that is posted (nice list by the way!).

The bottom line of the SPID label reads:

BSE/CLR COAT MA-L9805 U9805 A9646 66T 524

I'm thinking this is where the vinyl top color code might be. I went to an upholserer and from a GM vinyl color chart he has we both think the color might be Gold Mist Metallic and had 2 numbers. The numbers were 46 and
V6237 but I have no idea if they are GM numbers.

Can anybody help me out with this?

Thanks in advance