: Leather quality in 93-96 FWB

05-22-10, 05:30 AM
Does anyone know the type of leather Cadillac used in these Fleetwoods? A owner of an upholstery shop I checked out for my top told me that the seats are lacquer based, which is high quality and cannot be redone in that way anymore since it's illegal and very expensive. Is the leather hide Top grain or something different?

I notice after looking at many peoples interiors of there FWB's, the leather seats seem to hold up really well and last forever compared to other luxury cars of the same years. You barely see any cracks, tears or major rips anywhere. Does this have to due with the selection of leather Cadillac picked specifically for Fleetwoods if so, where did they source the leather from? The quality of the leather goes for all Broughams, even the 80's-92's which are also very nice.

I can't imagine the cost to redo one of these seats in all leather.

05-22-10, 05:44 PM
There is no way they are lacquer. That was already discontinued by the 90s. Also, the seats aren't all leather. Just the panels that touch your body. The rest is matched vinyl.

I do agree they hold well! The seats in mom's 84 look brand new...

05-22-10, 06:53 PM
The upholstery guy told me that they stop using lacquer based leather in 96, California placed a ban on it because of the harsh chemicals that are used in the leather. You can still get it in Mexico, they have very good leather, but it's illegal if you bring to the US.

After he looked at my seats, he did say that they are lacquer based because they do have that deep rich luster unlike cars today.

Are the headrest leather too? Also the sides and back of the seats? Sometimes it's hard to tell whats leather and whats not. You don't see too many thrashed up Cadillac seats from the 80's-90's...but you do see Town Car seats in bad shape, cracks in all more often than not at high miles.

05-22-10, 07:21 PM
Sides and backs are vinyl. Not sure about headrests.

I'm going to do some research on "lacquer leather". I always thought the hides were dyed... BRB

Ok, I'm back. Very little mentioned online about lacquer leather dye. A couple of mentions about old Maseratis and Rolls Royce. Can't find what cars used it, or when it was discontinued. Nothing about Cadillac, other than this thread...

05-23-10, 09:09 AM
I do know that the RWD Fleetwood/Broughams from 1993-96 used a thicker grade of leather than the FWD Cadillacs, that's why it doesn't show wear and tear as much. Cadillac always called it "Sierra Grain" leather, and in 1992 the Sevilles and Eldorados debuted with their new "Nuance Leather", which felt softer and had a nice aroma to it, but being softer meant it is thinner, so it doesn't wear as well over time. By 1994, all Cadillacs except the RWD's had the Nuance leather.

05-23-10, 10:10 AM
The leather used in the door panels are also very high grade

05-23-10, 03:36 PM
There is leather on the door panels? Is it the upper half that's leather? I know the armrest itself is vinyl. I loved the 90-92 Brougham door panels, lot's of chrome trim, "Brougham" stitching and high quality materials used that is softer to touch.

I was thinking of maybe getting the "Brougham" stitching that's on the old Bro's door panel, stitched in my FWB. That would look really nice. Also possibly, add some soft carpeting where you rest your arms, or maybe suede.

05-23-10, 05:06 PM
I mean not a genuine leather ( upper door panel ) but still looks classy and W140 S600 with that option would cost you a fortune but you could get it standard in a Fleetwood which is very nice