: ESV Pricing.

05-21-10, 08:52 PM
:banghead: this is the stupidest forum i've ever been a member of.
My old thread was closed.
"Selling ESV".
WELL, since the posting of the thread, I've had 2 local offers.
One was 64, and another 68. I've had it sitting on a busy street for 3 days in a row , with a for sale sign with 72 OBO to see what happens. (I was never expecting to get 72, I just wanted to see what would happen) I think imma let it go at 68. I've gotten 3 tickets already from our local security for parking on the street. :p They're stupid if they think i'm going to pay it. Hahahahahhaha. Anyway. I've found a few GL550's that I'm going to look at this weekend. A black one and a Steel Gray one. Honestly, I'm tired of dark cars. I kinda don't want black. My '07 ESV was black, and it was a bitch to take care of. Let's see what happens. Have a great weekend!

Fast Eddie
05-22-10, 10:59 AM
$68 is a good number. At least I got in before the second lock, you know it's not like we are allowed to talk about Escalades in here....