: Turn signal flasher??? on a 94 fleetwood

05-20-10, 08:34 PM
my local police are doing there job, great excuse to pull me over for having a fast flashing left turn signal.
anyway, I replaced both bulbs on the rear, but 1 bulb is ls dimmer, while the other bulb is brighter. Actually, i think the socket burned out the bulb, because I changed bulbs on the sockets, and the dim followed the bulb.

I also bought a new flasher, and looking at the service manual, it says it should be behind the instrument panel, on the drivers side. I dont think its under the hood, so i took off the cover under the steering wheel, and i see cables and connectors, but man, i cant find it

anybody have any luck with this before?

As a side note, I had this problem for about 4 years, but never really looked at it, but now johnny law is on me.

i am almost thinking i might have another problem electrically, but i just want to replace the flasher to begin

thanks folks

94 cadillac is not too happy right now, whistleeeee