: What - 99 STS No EGR passage ways?

Loose screw
05-19-10, 10:04 AM
Having had worked on a 94 n* I thought I knew what to expect but when taking a part a 99 STS engine I notice the EGR intake passage ways were clean. Further investigation found that there are no wholes in the cross over to allow the big EGR valve (which is there and the bendy exhaust pipe to it) to let exhaust into these passage ways. There is also no little ports from the EGR intake passage ways into the intake valve ports. Everything seems designed for EGR, only the machining of the ports in the heads and crossover haven't been done (that is 2 different parts) so it is sealed off. This seams intentional and at the factory (not closed off later). What's going on. Is the EGR disabled or getting into the intake some other way on a 99 STS - I don't understand.