: Battery Died Overnight??

05-18-10, 07:51 PM
Hey guys, I have an '07 Escalade and yesterday when I went to start her up, it didn't budge, a buddy of mine had to come give me a boost, and we saw that the battery was completely dead. :banghead: Once it got going, it ran fine for the rest of the day which tells me the alternator is working fine. This morning, it gave me the same problem so I decided to send it in for service. I know all there gonna tell me is something was left on or nothing was found :cookoo: from what I can see, it seems like the battery isn't holding it's charge so what I'm wondering is if I replace the battery myself will it void my warranty at all? and secondly, what battery do you guys recommend?? What I don't understand is why it decided to give me these problems, I also own a '07 Escalade EXT and it hasn't given me a problem yet.

05-18-10, 08:58 PM
Another dead battery thread...shocking (no pun intended)

It's an extremely well documented problem with these vehicles, check the sticky (above) for "second battery" for starters. There's a TSB for a "battery rundown update" along with a starter grounding strap issue. Problem is, the dealer is going to replace the dead AC Delco POS battery with the same exact one, do yourself a favor (unless you like getting stranded with a dead battery constantly or spending time @ your dealer's service department) and get a good aftermarket battery (Interstate, Optima, etc.) or check our hcvone/Carl's info on how to hook up a second battery; there's already a space for it and they're standard equipment on the police package GMT 9XX chassis trucks...

05-19-10, 05:28 AM
Had the same problem on my 07 ext, battery kept dying dealer changed
It twice. Turned out to be the driver door window switch which is also
a module. Sit in the truck and shut it off ,open close door and lock it with
the remote . After a minute or so see if you hear relays clicking or things
turning on and off by themselves. This is a sign of a bad module.

05-19-10, 06:51 AM
If that was the stock battery you did good getting this long out out the Delco, the stock batteries are not that good for the power required to run these trucks, and if you add any other equipment the stock battery will die even quicker. Go get a good battery like Optima or even the new Die Hard has been written up real good in the car mags. I was the first adding two batteries after seeing a 2007 Police Tahoe, half the year I live were people are not so getting a jump is not an option, it's needs to start. :)

05-19-10, 02:17 PM
Hey guys, I got the truck back today, the dealer said the battery had a default in it and they replaced it. From what I've heard, the stock batteries are garbage so I will be buying an aftermarket battery, optima batteries seem to be what everyone is using, would you recommend the red top or yellow top??

05-19-10, 02:44 PM
^^^ Yellow...I have two of them in my ESV...

05-19-10, 03:50 PM
If you plan to add an electronics, or you do not drive the truck daily the yellow top would be the choice, if your keeping the truck stock and drive it daily or almost daily the red top would be the choice. I just put two Delco Professional 7 year batteries in my 2010 when I added the second battery, and only because they were FREE

05-19-10, 04:22 PM
Yellow top for me too.

06-11-10, 11:11 AM
Guys, not sure where to go with this one... Unfortunately, I am doing this remote from Atlanta and mom lives in Kansas.
My mom has a 1993 Sedan De Ville that has been doing fine. About a month ago, she went to drive the car and found that the battery was dead. Local mechanic replaced the battery. 3 days later, the new batter was dead. Mechanic took battery out of the car and charged it. The car cranks and runs fine. 2 days later battery is dead. I got mom a battery tender and it was installed yesterday along with a fresh charge of the battery. This morning, even with the battery tender, the car would not start - dead battery. It appears that something is draining the battery. Could it be a bad diode module in the alternator or is there something else on these cars that could be the culprit? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

06-11-10, 11:43 AM
Funny, I had ZERO issues with my stock Delco battery. I felt like spending some coin on an Optima red top battery and shortly after I had DEAD battery issues since!! Coincidence? I'm on my second Optima... However, there is some other issue with my truck that is running a load on my battery with the truck off. I have 7k miles on my '09, along with a plethora of other issues. I love the truck otherwise, but I've almost had enough of all the problems that exist. Sad...