View Full Version : Removing 1991 Brougham lower trim?

05-18-10, 07:13 PM
I've found another '91 Brougham RWD at a pull it youself junkyard. I'd like to remove the shiny stainless rocker moulding and the euro body cladding from both sides of the j k car for use on my own car. Can you guys tell me what tools I'll need and how to go about removing the trim without damaging it, etc. ? All advice and any photos will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!

05-19-10, 12:29 PM
The rocker moulding is easy, as I recall it just unscrews. Make sure you get the chrome trim around the wheel wells.
As for the grey moulding, that's a little more difficult, as the clips are usually brittle and snap off when you try to remove them. I'll have to check this in my FSM when I get home, but I think it referenced a specific trim removal tool that was made out of plastic.