View Full Version : stock 500 camshaft lift/duration?

08-27-04, 12:28 AM
There doesn't seem to be any cheap aftermarket camshafts for the caddy big block (unless someone knows a place, in that case please share). Anyway I'm wondering what the stock camshaft specs are for a 1975 500cid, if anyone knows the answer please share!

If I could find a camshaft ground for cheap I'd like to get something with close to 208 to 215 duration, with lots of lift. I think the factory camshaft is somewhere cose to this (According to MTS's website), if it close enough I will just stick with that.

edit: here is my planned combo:

1975 500
Mostly stock heads (maybe light porting)
headers and freeflow dual exhaust
edelbrock performer intake
th400 tranny, stock stall converter
3.08 gears