: wich shocks for a '67 eldorado

'67 eldorado
05-18-10, 07:43 AM
Hello folks,

Almost complete with the engine swap...but before ik take my caddy on the road...it needs some new rear shocks.

Does anyone know wich shocks i should use?
It has the automatic leveling system.
Does not work at the moment..but that is next on my to do list.

When i am at it...i would like to replace the horizontal shocks to...but no idea which ones to get.

So if anyone has sugestions....

Had a lot of help and info the last time with my engine swap project

Grtz from the netherlands

05-19-10, 04:26 PM
The car MUST have level ride shocks to drive correctly. Most people replace the GM air shocks with aftermarket ones and run the air hoses to a filler TEE at the rear bumper. The suspension must have a minimum of 20 LB of air in the shocks for proper ride height and normal ride.

'67 eldorado
05-21-10, 03:17 AM
so the easy way is to forget the self leveling system and buy some "high jackers"?

For which brand and type of shocks should i go...or isn't there a lot of difference in performance and ride comfort between the different sorts of shocks?