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08-26-04, 09:24 PM
I am new to all of this cadillac stuff and I'm not sure what parts will work with what years of motors. Anyway's I'm thinking about buying a 472 out of a 68-69 cad, the problem is that it has the FWD tranny. The guy I'm buying it from wants $200.00; he wants to keep the FWD tranny and the oil pan. My question is can I use a thm400 tranny out of a mid-late 70's RWD car? also is it hard to find the oil pan that I need?Thanks.

08-26-04, 11:30 PM
You can definitely use the tranny, just find one with the BOP bolt pattern. The oil pans are getting a little harder to find. I haven't looked in awhile though, someone may have made an aftermarket one by now (would be about time...)

08-26-04, 11:49 PM
Thanks for the info Dave, I know this sounds stupid but since I'm new to the Cadillac thing what do you mean by BOP bolt pattern?

Allante North *
08-26-04, 11:51 PM
What do you plan to put the 472 in? You may be able to use other pans depending on location of motor mounts.

08-26-04, 11:58 PM
Thanks for the info Dave, I know this sounds stupid but since I'm new to the Cadillac thing what do you mean by BOP bolt pattern?

Buick, Olds, Pontiac (and Cadillac) had a differant bolt pattern than Chevys.

08-27-04, 04:21 PM
Buick,Olds,Pontiac. I should have known better, but thanks for the help guys. I was planning on putting the 472 in my 54' chevy 210 that my friend Troll and I chopped back when we were in school at WYOTech. If it comes down to it my cousin in Fresno who's everyday job is fabricating racing pans could make me one to clear the mustang II crossmember and fit the car perfect.

09-02-04, 03:12 PM
Any TH400 auto trans from a 68 through 79 RWD Cadillac will fit your 68 472. 1968 through 76 will have the long tailshaft (13"), and 77 - 79 RWD Caddys will have a short (4") tail shaft. I am not positive, but I think 80 - 82 or so Caddys with the 368 cid may fit as well.

As other posts have already said, Buick Olds and Ponchos from that general era may work as well (BOP bell housings) but I don't know which. I would look for TH400s in mid '70s BOP cars.

The guy should leave the pan on for that price. If you can't persuade him, I would get the engine, hang it in the 54 Cheby engine bay, with the front suspension bolted on that you want to use, and then determine which pan you need. I am aware of four Caddy pans which will fit the 472 engine (there may be more): 68 - 76 Deville (500 or 472 cid) front sump, 77 - 79 Deville's (with the 425cid) mid sump, 68 through 76 Eldo rear sump, and 80 to ?? Eldos (with 368cid engines) which are the most rear sump you can get, but they are offset to the driver's side. Pans from Cadillac 500, 425 and 368 will all fit the 472 engine, but you will also need to get an oil pick up tube to fit whichever pan you decide to use. BTW: a 368 tube will not work with a 368 pan on a 472 - you will need a 68 to 76 Eldo tube for that pan when used with the 472/500.

09-08-04, 02:20 AM
Thanks Keith for all of your help, It's nice to know which years of cars have which parts and how they they differ. I'm sure there's a lot of mid-70's junk that I can find stuff off of in my area.