: Can I lower the rear 1"?

Red Snake
05-17-10, 08:25 AM
Are there any options to just lower the rear end about 1"?

I do NOT want to install a full lowering kit. I don't want to touch the front end. I just want to lower the rear down about 1 inch to level the car up a bit. Any options for that set up? Would that require spring replacement?

05-17-10, 03:31 PM
No because it will just raise itself again. There was a kit running around to "Trick" the car so lowering springs would stay at the lowered level. Don't know if you could just use the spacers without the lowering springs.

05-17-10, 05:27 PM
no lowering with the stock Nivomats....put another shock in there and your a-o-k.