: passenger mirror issue

05-16-10, 10:37 PM
Once again, another example of arseholes in the general public who can't just leave other people's things alone.
I was out on a road trip yesterday on a major highway, and noticed the glass in my passenger mirror was really flapping around. I thought it was odd, but when I adjusted the mirror it settled down and I forgot about it.
When I got out of the car at my destination, I walked around the front of it, and looked out towards the street. I immediately saw that my passenger mirror looked wrong. It had been bent back towards the car. I managed to very gently move it back into position. The stem mounting the mirror to the body was fine, not loss at all.
Are the mirrors designed to swivel in towards the car to fit in tight spots? I thought they were rigid. I didn't like moving it, because I could just picture it snapping off due to metal fatigue.
I'm not sure when this happened....I'm wondering if maybe the mechanic at the dealership turned it in for some reason, but I can't imagine why.

05-17-10, 01:26 PM
I've looked at mine and I looks like its mounted rigidly to the door, with no possibility to have it swivel. I know at highway speeds my mirrors are useless due to them vibrating all over the place.

05-17-10, 02:22 PM
There are two phillips head screws that mount the square mirror housing to the neck that attaches to the body. Push the lower edge of the mirror in to gain access, and you can tighten them. You can also tighten the screws that hold the mirror to the housing at the same time. Should stop the problem.