: '59 Cadillac Master Cylinder

05-16-10, 05:57 PM
I'm rebuilding a '59 Cadillac Moraine master cylinder. The core that I'm using came to me without a piston, spring etc., just the housing.
Could anyone provide me with an assembly diagram of this cyclinder?
Right, I don't have a shop manual either.
Thanks for any help I can get.

05-19-10, 04:31 PM
Personally I would NEVER rebuild a master cyl. especially one that old. Try doing a search for Kanter auto parts. They provide these types of parts and are warrantied. Brakes should never be repaired as cheaply as possible. A car MUST stop everytime! Especially a car this big and this heavy. And, trying to repair a car this old without a service manual is a excercise in frustration.

05-20-10, 12:23 AM
Wow. Certainly not quite the answer I was looking for. I've been restoring
'60's vintage cars (not Cadillac's) for 35 years. I certainly understand the function of brake parts and how they function in big heavy cars.
Good luck with your rebuilt and waranted Kanter products. I'm sure they don't use "cheap" parts in their process.