: Check oil level but oil level is good?

05-16-10, 10:24 AM
Lately I have been getting "Check oi level" messages on my '95 STS on early morning start. It usually doesn't show up again on a warm startup.

But my oil level is fine?!? Plenty of oil, and really clean too.

I just made an oil change, and the oil was surprisingly clean, which I have never seen on this car

Would this indicate a failing oil pump? I.E. low oil pressure causing the message. But the oil is really clean, so it must go through the filter?

Im puzzled... The car has about 170k miles, so its getting up there...

05-16-10, 11:47 AM
Oil level and oil pressure are two different things. Don't confuse them. That message has nothing to do with oil pressure or the oil pump. Probably a bad level sensor in the side of the oil pan.

05-18-10, 10:40 PM
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