View Full Version : Update: 94 FWB + whitewalls!!!

05-15-10, 10:42 PM
Well I ordered some Broadway shadow 1.3" whitewalls and finally have the 94 FWB I bought for $1,100.... on the road and cleaned up!!!!!!
I love the car, and it was quite the deal I think!!!!

The new tires look AMAZING as do the factory chrome rims!!!!
I clay barred her today. I am going to have the paint buffed out in 2 weeks.

What do you think???

05-15-10, 10:45 PM
Looking real nice!!

05-15-10, 10:50 PM
Sex on wheels. You got a steal. Even if it didn't run, you could make profit. lol

05-15-10, 11:22 PM
She runs great!!!! Only thing i had to do to her was: rear brakelines, driver's side sway bar link, tires, and heater control module!!!!

05-16-10, 12:36 AM
Then you got an EPIC STEAL.

How many miles?

05-16-10, 12:42 AM
That is unbelievable! Your sooooooooo....lucky. I have the exact same tires on my Cad, they really make the car stand out way more than the thinner WW's.

What size tires did you go with?

05-16-10, 12:54 AM
OOOOOH, Pretty...

Yeah, I still don't have whitewalls, because who has the money to waste on new tires these days when they already have new ones?

When I went to get my spare all they had were whitewalls and I'm covered in the event of tire damage for four new ones...maybe I need to just go slash my tires...

EPIC STEAL is right Sting. That is a nice looking boat there. The whitewalls really set the 90's models off great and they look REALLY naked without them.

05-16-10, 01:03 AM
Wow, $1,100 is an excellent price! Back when I was buying, the only one I saw at that price was an '89 Brougham with a heavily used interior, sun-burnt paint and a cracking vinyl roof. Something was wrong with the carb too (choke was stuck on after test-driving)

05-16-10, 01:07 AM
She's got 109K. And I went with the 225 75R15 's. The 235's just look too big to me. The tires were $85 each and $42 shipping for all 4.

I can't stop staring at her!!! My girlfriend is jealous! LOL
But she thinks the car is sexy!

05-16-10, 08:04 AM
very nice car! did you find those tires in the whitewall thread? interested in ordering a pair :)

1,100 is a great price. that's what I paid for my '87

05-16-10, 12:24 PM
That lac looks great. Navy blue looks really good
I wish i could find a set of factory chromes for my 94

05-16-10, 09:16 PM
I got the same size tires 225/75, they are a perfect size. 235's are just way too fat looking. I didn't want to be rolling around on balloons, gross!

The only minor issue I have with them, is they are not as quiet as the Kumho's I had before I bought these, that's probably because of the tread design, and overall construction of the tires, though good, they are not top of line quality tires like Kumho's which uses the latest technology and materials in it's tires for a smoother more quiet ride. The 50,000 mile warranty is rather low which is a sign of quality, most tires today have anywhere from 65-85,000 mile warranty.

Personally, these are the best looking tires for any year Fleetwood and Brougham's, not just because of the nice size WW, but the smooth side wall. Some tires have funky ridges and lines of there side walls, which can ruin the look of a car, but these tires don't have that garbage on em.

It sucks that Discount tires don't carry Broadway Shadows, if they did, it would truly help cut the cost on shipping and taxes for us Cadillac owners. Plus if anything goes wrong with them, you could bring it back, and have them replaced right away, rather than having to wait a week or so for another one to be shipped to your house. A great warranty always helps too.

05-16-10, 10:10 PM
beautiful caddy

05-17-10, 02:32 PM
It's worth wallpaper :)
I think white walls look nicer with the polished chrome wheels

05-18-10, 05:55 PM
It's a fine ride, that's for sure. Looking good.