: Elias, your Fleetwood is back on eBay again.

05-15-10, 10:37 AM

05-15-10, 04:53 PM
It's also on the Michigan Craigslist. Dude, you gotta get it back. If not just so it can be with it's rightful owner.

05-16-10, 12:58 AM
Spectacular. THe only ones of these I have ever really gotten to see up close are one that a coworker drives which looks like she had her fair share of Demo-Derby tryouts and some at the junkyard. The hood/grille thing is still so alien to me.

First picture scared me that it had some sort of coloured headlighting going on. A VII Caddybadge? Nice.

05-16-10, 11:40 AM
Someone buy it, then sell to me in a few years when I can afford it!:p

Seriously, I'd love to have this as a speedy alternative to my '86 with the clumsy 307.

05-16-10, 01:34 PM
Funny thing is I saw that car's auction online yesterday before I saw this thread here this morning.

Still prefer the Styling of the 80's ones Mudant, 307 or not, besides brick-shaped objects are the most aerodynamic of all.

Looking at it again, that first image just screams

"I am a Badass car, bow before me"

And Mudant, if the 307 isn't bold enough for you, I have learned how the kids in FL get around that. If you buy this, you can get add an instant 780 horsepower to your D'Elegance.


05-16-10, 01:43 PM
I want that car in bad, bad ways. :(

05-16-10, 03:23 PM
Still prefer the Styling of the 80's ones Mudant, 307 or not, besides brick-shaped objects are the most aerodynamic of all.

Oh, I'd keep my 86 as well. I've never really been into the 93-96 body style either, but this particular car I find quite attractive for some reason. I think it's the wheels.

durrk johnson
05-16-10, 04:56 PM
That is the car that made me buy my 96.

I want the wheels soooo bad. haha and that cadillac centercap looks great. and the black trim on the chrome looks great, how could i do that to mine...

05-16-10, 07:46 PM
I've sat in that car in person. Here's when I saw it at Elias's house during the 2008 meet.

05-17-10, 02:32 AM
^It's almost painfully beautiful. I miss seeing that car around the forums. :( (well, non we-found-it-for-sale-again kind of threads anyways)

05-17-10, 08:50 AM
makes me wonder why it's always for sale...wonder if there's something wrong with it or if they just get tired of it...

05-17-10, 02:42 PM
FTS also on sale , I hope a Cadillac Enhtusiats becomes its next owner

05-17-10, 02:56 PM
It's the same guy trying to sell it. It's the guy Elias sold it to. He wants to sell it to get something else for his collection.

05-17-10, 03:05 PM
ah, I see. I was thinking it was selling and reselling a bunch of times.

I would buy it if I had the cash :)

05-17-10, 03:08 PM

Greg (the new owner of the '96) emails me every now and then. He bought a '68 Camaro and needs the room.. so the Fleetwood is up for sale. It has ZERO issues.

Here is my original ad:

http://members.cox.net/sixtyspecial/sale.htm (http://members.cox.net/sixtyspecial/sale.htm)

As much as I love that car... I wouldn't buy it back. I think I am B/D bodied out at this point.. I need a breather... plus putting the top down in the Trans Am is intoxicating :thumbsup:

If I buy another FWB, I will leave it bone stock.. my next modified Cadillac will be a gen 2 CTS-V sedan or wagon. :stirpot:

05-17-10, 06:11 PM
Damnit I want a Fleetwood. I won't rest until I have an LT1 Fleetwood Brougham in my name.

05-31-10, 09:57 AM
Greg lowered the price to $8,900!

That is a steal considering it has almost $11K in modifications.


05-31-10, 10:03 AM
You should sell the M45, gift the BMW wagon to the wife, and drive off in Cadillac style.

Then bring it to Florida.

[/subtle hint]

05-31-10, 06:22 PM
The M45 will be up for sale shortly.. but only to be replaced by a M56x / e550 4 matic / 535xi.

I really have no desire to own it again. If I buy another FWB it will remain bone stock.

BMW wagon will be replaced with an Escalade ;)