: Moon Roof Relay

05-14-10, 06:09 PM

I had my battery die yesterday cause we left the ACC on while doing the crank pulley... We got it started etc, but now the Moon Roof won't work at all. I'm assuming we blew a fuse when we jumped it. I search and searched but can't find what fuse or relay controls the moonroof.

I'm sure this is a ground ball for someone on here though.


tommy compton
05-14-10, 11:51 PM
Push and hold the button in for a few seconds, that's how you reset the control when it screws up. 99% sure it will fix your problem.

05-15-10, 03:48 AM
What Tommy said. Sounds like you just need to do the reset.

05-15-10, 05:23 PM
The actual moonroof switch on the ceiling?


05-15-10, 05:25 PM
Did it! You guys rock!