: 99 ELDO ETC...PLZ HELP ME before I push this car into the river!!!

05-14-10, 01:31 PM
HI Everybody I want to thank everybody on this site for the great job you guys do at helping the community with the many problems many of us suffer while driving and repairing our northstar engines.

My story begins with the purchase of my third Cadillac El Dorado. THis one happened to be a 99ETC. My first northstar (the previous two had the 4.9L) has ended up being a nightmare. 6 months after purchase Headgasket failure:banghead: How did i know this was bound to happen. After researching and taken in the fact it was highly approved here I went with Jake's Stud Kit. BTW :thumbsup::2thumbs: Jake is the man, He really came through for me and my mechanic so KUDOS. I had one mechanic pull the engine he assured me he couuld have this done in no time. After I found out he went against my wishes and removed the engine from the top and the fact he was a lazy Bum I decided to take my cadillac elsewhere. I completed the stud kit myself and had the second mechanic drop it back into the car. Not to my surpise the first mechanic messed up so much stuff that my second mechanic had to work OT just to repair things I didnt foresee. In the end he rebuilt the engine and dropped it back in. He connected everthing behind the engine and closest to the firewall. Leaving me at the point where I have a few things to finish up PARTS LEFT TO BE DEALT WITH: alternator, A/C compressor, radiator, fans, 2 pulleys and a mess of wiring.
I'm very confident in my skills to complete the job But I have a few hang ups hopefully someone in the community can help me out here.

#1) I really need a Pinout diagram for the main connector to the PCM which is located just beneath the water housing. There are 4 out of 24 pins hanging out. I believe I can put them back in I just need to be sure I put them in the right places.

#2)I need to know the proper way to route this harness I believe it should go to the far left of the tranny and run underneath the waterpump but I'm having problems moving it, even after removing throttle cable bracket, heater line and water pump housing

#3) there are a few connectors which I have no idea as to where they go I have to connect everything from the fuel lines that connect to the rail down to where the A/C compressor and alternator will go. excluding the three connectors that connect to the intake.

There a few other things I need to cover as well but I think these three issues are the most worrisome.


05-14-10, 01:37 PM
BTW i forgot to mention I visited a few U-PULL's in my area and to my surprise all the eldorado's from 93-99 have the same wiring harness. My 99ETC has a wiring harness matching to ones in the 2000 eldorado The only 00 Eldo had already been stripped of the main connector in question. Not sure if that will help just though I might add that in becuase it confused me.