: Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!

05-14-10, 12:36 PM
Just received a Wood dash kit I ordered online from CARID.com. It took over 2 weeks to receive. It is the poorest fitting kit i have ever received (past vehicles).

I did a google search for Sherwood dashes (very high quality) and some how CARID came up. The info on their web pages looked just like Sherwoods BUT, after I had waited for a week and no shipping info was emailed to me (they did charge my credit card) I called customer service to find out. That's another story but, the told me that the kit was coming from a company called WOW. Never heard of them so I said I would like to cancel as this was not what was represented to me. They put me on hold and hung up.

Be VERY careful if you deal with these folks. They seem to be heavily into the internet search engines and Will come up.

05-16-10, 02:06 PM
Ooooppppss !!

05-16-10, 03:23 PM
I believe you Bro

I've had many problems with Online Aftermarket


The Credit Card Companies will go to Batt for you

The first thing you do is Call the Credit Card Company

Then Reject Shipment from the supplier

Get everything in writing Via Email before you buy

Then save it to file so you can send it to the Dispute center
at your credit card company

About 50% of the stuff I've bought online there was some kind of a problem

But I have recovered 110% of my money Due to over whelming evidence Which I saved to file

Now I have to go remove the rear Brake Pads off my Z06 Corvette

Because Despite telling the counter parts guy at Napa that I do not want Any Brand of Brake Pad that was Made in china

what does he do

He sells me Brake pads made in china ! For $70 !

SKrew That, Yes I should have looked and did but the writting on the box is in 3 different languages and the "Made in China" Marqee

Is extremly tiny and I missed it

I don't about you but I don't put Anything Made IN China on my Cars !

Saved to File CARID.com Thanks ! Bro

Regards, Bon

05-16-10, 03:30 PM
What kind of car is it, and how many of it's pieces/parts/components/materials were made in China? My daily is an old ZX2 that I affectionately call "my little mexican mazda" . . . LOL

05-16-10, 04:31 PM
Something is very fishy here: In Dec. of 2007 I bought a wood dash kit, with optional sunroof controls cover, from the real Wooddashexperts.com company - the ripoff artists at CARID.com never entered the picture.

The kit I received was complete, packed in heavy, flat cardboard with foam block separators so nothing could touch the top cover (abrasion), absolutely uncanny perfect fit, wood grain and pattern are exactly the same as the Zebrano in my STS, and the feel and thickness of the appliques is "quality". Much, much more, in the way of small bits and pieces, than I would ever want to install. I just went back and checked the order confirmation, invoice, and shipping documents (I keep all that stuff filed away for both the car and truck) and the kit was made, packed, shipped by Wooddashexperts, not CARID.com; they appear nowhere in any part of the ordering process.

I wonder how they (CARID) got into the picture and ruined what seemed to be a good company ??

If anyone wants a pic or two of the remainder of the kit and packing, I'll post 'em.