: Event: 2010 GM Powertrain Show & Shine

05-13-10, 09:06 PM
Hi everyone

Here are the details for the 2010 GM Powertrain Car Show


Let's not disappoint and make this a big one by getting a lot of CTS/CTS-Vs out there. It's an excellent event.

PLEASE let me know once you have registered so I can plan a cruise/convoy to the show. It's quite the sight seeing so many Caddies cruising down the highway.

06-02-10, 12:15 PM

I have registered already and I spoke to Martin (MGS Tuning) and he wants to drive down on Aug. 6th also.
I will be getting my 2008 CTS tuned by Martin in June, and He has already installed my CAT-BACK Magnaflow exhaust, so I am good for a highway cruise!
Hopefully we can get a decent showing this year and lead a parade of CTS's down the highway !

06-02-10, 12:47 PM
Awesome! I'll put it together.

Glad to see you're still around! How are you enjoying the CTS?

06-02-10, 04:49 PM
How am I enjoying my CTS?
I have GREAT days and not so great days.
The car is good looking and performs well, however, because I derive almost exclusively in the city (Toronto) I miss the gas milage of my Acura TSX. I also miss how quiet (rattle-free) my TSX was compared to this CTS. The car has too many creaks from the sunroof and too many intermittent electronc glitches. My sunroof sometimes opens again as I am trying to close it, my Bose 5.1 system crashes and I have to re-boot. However, I have enjoyed the "exclusivity" of driving an American Icon while hundreds of 3 and 5 series Bimmers and C-Class Mercs fill the streets of TO.
Customer service and attitude at Roy Foss was terrible, so I switched to Old Mill. They are better but do not offer the same courtesy cars as Roy Foss. I have "customized" my CTS with the factory offered "Euro Light Kit" and a rumbling Magna-Flow exhaust. It helps to actually have a 6-speed manual, which I understand was quite rare in 2008. Anyway, Ciao for now! K.G.