: Scratchy LCD - FIX

05-10-10, 09:55 AM

I have a solution to a scratchy LCD NAV screen. I just picked up an 07 CTS, loaded with NAV. Sweet car, love it but the LCD was damaged because the previous owner used a harsh cleaner on it.

I thought about buying a used NAV for $400 but I couldn't be sure to get a better LCD screen. So I picked up an Anti-Glare screen. Works great and it was cheap. If you have PDA and have the protective films, then you know how it works. The film is under $10 and because it uses an oil to adhere to my LCD is covers up the scratches.

I can't post the link because of the rules of this forum. So here is the description and you should be able to search the web yourself.

Photodon is the company out of Traverse City. MX 7" Anti-glare film. I also purchased the cleaning solution and the cloth to clean the screen. The film is really only 6" and that is the perfect size, no need to cut it. But the width is 4" and that needs to be cut down to 3 3/8". I bought 2 sets just in case I messed up. Which I did. So good thing.

This was amazing, and my total out of pocket was $35. :thumbsup:

Great forum - I've enjoyed reading a lot of the posts. This is my second CTS, I plan on posting PIC as soon as I get it setup.

05-10-10, 10:57 AM
Glad to hear this worked out, and it seems like a simple enough fix.

05-10-10, 01:53 PM
Yeah this is an ultra cheap fix because the price of the plexi-glass that goes over the actual nav lcd screen is ridiculous. Thankfully, I just got my dealer to replace mine after they scratched it all up. Now it looks brand new. I think they tried to clean the old one too hard when they had the face off to replace a few peeling buttons. I spents weeks trying to convince them that they scratched it, not me. They kept saying the scratches were already there and tried to deny everything. I finally showed them the scratches were on the inside, not the outside. At least they eventually made it right and I'm a happy camper now.