View Full Version : Florida Gas Prices - Up 8 cents next month

08-26-04, 07:22 AM
Hey. My Father just told me that gas prices were dropped 8 cents (tax) for the month of August. I didn't know that. So I guess they're going back up September 1st.. Did anyone else hear about this? I don't watch television much so I didn't hear the news...

08-26-04, 08:32 AM
you are correct the tax break ends aug 31.

08-26-04, 08:36 AM
yep yep, it made front page in the Orlando Sentinal, on the sidebar. I wouldnt have known if the guy at the gas station didnt point it out. I always get my techron from the same man. Was gonna post in the 'gas prices' thread but never got around to it. Any other states get this that you know of?

time to fill up.

08-26-04, 08:47 AM
Brett, I should have know you'd be on top of this. :p

08-26-04, 10:09 AM
And what a savings it has been a whooping $6.40 (projected based on 20 gal tank and filling up once a week) for the month. Now multiply that by everyone and think about it. That tax is suppose to be used to maintain and build new roads in Florida.
I guess it was a feel good issue. I know I would rather have that money used to repair some of the crappy roads down here. I would have thought he would have done it in October to help his brother out.

08-26-04, 11:34 AM
Oil has gone down to around $44 a barrel from a high of almost $50 per barrel five days ago. The stock market sensed it yesterday.

The reason your tax break only ran through August was probably because after Labor Day the summer travel season will be over. Oil companies jack their gas prices up when the demand is high. Demand will be lower in September so I think that the combination of lower oil prices and lower gas demand will make it neutral for you.

The Zip
08-26-04, 11:45 AM
I'll take that 8 cents any day, I'm sure 89 octane is not 2.15 a gallon like it is here in Southern Cal,

The Zip

08-26-04, 12:09 PM
89? Why use 89? The prices usually work like this:

87 1.00
89 1.80
93 2.00

Now those aren't real gas prices - but do you see what I'm saying? For two more octane, you're paying a lot more - when for just a little more than what mid-grade costs, you get an additional 4... Why bother with the expensive mid-grade?

Anyway. 87 is around 1.80 here in Florida. It was 2.25 when I left New York a few months ago...

The Zip
08-26-04, 12:27 PM
89 was only a comparison, don't see too much 93 octane in Southern Cal, usually max-out at 91. From 87 to 91 is normally a 20 cent spread,

The Zip

Fine Wine
08-26-04, 03:44 PM
I suppose I can feel pretty fortunate here in central Ohio being able to run 94 octane for around 2.05 per gallon. Of course I only know of about 3 stations that carry it and it is only at Sunoco.

08-26-04, 04:40 PM
yeah...we have a sunoco with 94. i put it in my corvette. it's about 10-20 cents more than the 93 though, so i don't think it's worth it.

08-27-04, 01:54 PM
Oil barrels dropped another buck yesterday.

Gas prices will be back in the $1.75 range by election day.