: In Market for STS-V: EBAY LINK

05-09-10, 08:47 PM

Looking for STS-V. Only concern is buying a bad one and spending a ton of $$$ on expensive repairs for some issues I've read about concerning electrical, transmission,power steering etc. Most of these seemed to be on the first year 06's. Are the 07's any better? This one seems like a decent deal for the money. I love the stealth grey with ebony interior.

Red Snake
05-09-10, 09:35 PM
Looks clean from what I can see in the pics. Great price too, IMO.:thumbsup:

05-09-10, 09:37 PM
I sent you a pm. Good luck. Craig

05-09-10, 11:00 PM
holy smokes....29K.....after 4 years....sheesh.


05-09-10, 11:08 PM
sent pm

05-09-10, 11:19 PM

05-10-10, 05:00 AM
Looks to be in better condition than my 07 with 19k miles...

05-10-10, 01:15 PM
Heck, 5 grand more and you could have my 2008 with the new body style. Due to friction from my wife (:bomb:), I guess mine will be going on the market. Maybe it's the speeding ticket or the attention that it gets or the cost of plates in nevada or whatever else you can imagine.
Anyway, it's in beautiful condition. Just spent $2000 on all 4 corner brakes and 2 new, non run flat tires.
I will also include a 24/24 GMPP that I will purchase within the next week or so.
I think $35k is way too low.

05-10-10, 02:05 PM
Shoot me over a few pictures and details. Might be interested.

Has to be silver,stealth grey with black or tango interior.

05-10-10, 02:09 PM
redxped: sweet looking V. are you the original owner? any service records? whats the reason you want to go back to a cts-v or G8 platform?

05-10-10, 02:22 PM
no I am 2nd owner I bought the car with 19Kmiles 2 years ago. No real reasion in selling it just looking to get some thing diffrent. I have all service records for when i took it in

05-10-10, 06:29 PM
Shoot me over a few pictures and details. Might be interested.

Has to be silver,stealth grey with black or tango interior.

Guess that would exclude my 07 Silver/ Gray in Baltimore.

05-10-10, 08:40 PM
My 2008 is the fastest color...Black/black. I hate to see it go, but at $35k, someone will be very very happy.

05-10-10, 08:49 PM
Hey All! Don't misinterpret my postings. As of today, my wife is giving me too much grief over my STS-V. (Maybe i should have discussed it with her before buying it, but oh well). If I can change her mind before i get any offers, I will keep it. I love it. I love the power. I love the exclusivity (here in Vegas I see more Ferrari's, Bentley's, etc than STS-V's. I've seen several Gen 1's but no Gen 2's). I love the attention that is gets from those that are in the know, although I get more looks and thumbs up from guys than women.
Funny story, to me anyway... I pulled into a Sonic Drive in and behind me pulled in a 1960 Seville. Before I paid and pulled away, he started honking and pointing to pull over. We parked side by side and talked for about 45 minutes and finally the manager came and asked us to go somewhere else. We had drawn such a crowd that there were almost no parking spaces left for new customers. 2 beautiful cars. The evolution between the two cars was obvious. You could still see some Cadillac DNA shared in both cars. Interesting day.

05-11-10, 09:54 PM
Pretty sure I just bought that car! My local Caddy dealer called this evening and told me it was mine and would be shipped here (Pgh PA) this week. Trading my 08 G8 GT. Great car but wanted the V in that combo. Been looking for one for a while.

05-11-10, 10:01 PM
Seems like there is more supply than demand for these cars ...but the price on ebay was really aggressive. i bought a 2007 about a month or so back for more than this ..its black with tango interior though :)

05-12-10, 02:46 PM
yea it says sale pending. last contact i had they were waiting on a replacement heated steering wheel and service/warranty records from Cadillac dealer. Make sure to post pics and let us know how it is.

05-13-10, 09:38 AM
Will do. Any advice/tips on what mods/maintainence/warranty work to do first are appreciated.

05-26-10, 10:48 PM
Car should be here Friday! Can't wait!