View Full Version : rocker arm bolt -- IMPORTANT I NEED IT

05-09-10, 06:44 AM
hi friends :)

i've a problem... in the service manual was written that i should tighten the rocker arm bolt with 95 Nm / 70 ft. lbs

i thaugt, that couldnt be and took 30 nm, and the bolt broke.....

now i need a new bolt but where can i buy one for my 81 cadillac 368 engine??

i need it within the next 2 weeks and in austria (europe) it isnt possible to get one

please help me, this car is my daily driver so i need it very very fast......

thanks a lot

05-09-10, 10:03 AM
I have these used parts from a 1981 year 368.. on the non 4-6-8 motors they were all short bolts, but the 4-6-8 motors they had long bolts on the valves with the solinoids... what ones do you need?

05-09-10, 10:59 AM
Heres the story... In 1980 they changed the rocker arm set-up on this family of motors...up to 1979 they used one bolt for two rockers on one cylinder.. in 1980 they went to one bolt for each rocker... and printed the wrong torque specs in the manuels after 1980...when they were one bolt for two rockers they used a 7/16" bolt [about 11mm] when they went to one bolt for each rocker thy used 5/16" bolt [about 8mm] ... so the torque for the 5/16" bolt
is about 20 foot lbs... If I were you and really needed the car I would get a thread repair kit, we call them heli-coils here, and drill out the threads and make them 8mm and get the highest grade bolt you can and use that..