: Hello I want a 70 Eldorado

08-25-04, 11:41 PM
Hi everybody. My name is John aka Panzer .Im new here and belong to a truck club. One of are members was kind enough to point me here. Im into show trucks, but recently discovered the 70 Eldorado and fell in love. So im looking for all the info I can get on them. So any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



08-26-04, 11:43 PM

08-27-04, 10:00 PM
Welcome John!

Sorry to hear you just fell in love with the 70" Eldo! Many of us here have been in love for decades! That would look nice next to your truck!
"davesdeville" has directed you to a page many of us use to find info about Caddy's (thanks Dave). There is a wealth of info here (and nice people)! Have a look around. Good luck and thanks for joining!

08-28-04, 01:13 AM
Here's one i found on ebay:


ITs a nice silver one, seems to look good for its age, lots of pics from what i can tell too. hope this helps

08-28-04, 04:10 AM
thank so much evey one!!!

I actually just started looking into caddys and bamb there it was. I cant wait till I find one. It just seems there all so far away from me. Cally , Il , and Ny.

Well keep you guys updated.

Any place to see what is avalable for th 500 cubic V8?



also can you use the grille of a 67 in a 70 Elderado?