: Quick radiator question

05-07-10, 07:03 AM
I am going to need to replace my radiator. I have been reading about a TSB that exists for this particular problem. I have checked the history for my vehicle and there has never been a radiator placed. Even though I am out of the factory warranty, does that mean I can get a "warranty" type replacement if I took my car to the dealer? Any guidance would be appreciated.

05-07-10, 07:28 AM
The TSB, which is attached, does not mean you can get a warrantly type replacement. It would not hurt to ask anyway.

05-07-10, 03:35 PM
damn, i'm just outside of the VIN cutoff. ok.

05-10-10, 08:19 PM
Not sure if its sold yet but on the other forum there was a brand new OEM radiator for sale, good price as well. (Not hard to DIY at all).