View Full Version : Left speakers sound terrible only on XM

05-05-10, 08:38 PM
Noticed a difference in the sound quality when listening to XM so I started messing with the fade and balance. When balanced to the left side, there is a very abnormal sound coming from the speakers, almost like feedback of some sort.
I have tapped into the XM plug in the back of the head unit to splice in a headphone plug for my MP3 player and that sounds normal in all speakers. On top of that I thought the SIR-GM module might have gone bad so I bought a new one of those and swapped it out but still same problem.
My understanding would lead me to believe that if Im getting "feedback" from some source that the wires are running next to that I would be hearing it in all speakers.
Again this only happens when listening to XM.
Anybody ever run into this problem and if so how did you fix it?

05-05-10, 08:58 PM
On my headphone plug setup my right speakers sound like crap. Anyone shed some light?