: Spare Wheel / Jack Kit needed

05-04-10, 12:48 PM
I'm replacing my runflats with some yet to be determined non-runflats so I need to put together a spare kit. Right now I just need a wheel. So if you have a stock wheel for an 05 V that you are wanting to sell contact me. No tire needed.

I'm also looking at putting a kit together to mount the spare. If I get the parts listed here...
... does the jack handle provide the lug wrench? Does it fit the CTS-V lugs?


1 more minute of creative searching found this.
Answered all my questions. Still need a wheel though.

05-04-10, 01:21 PM
The jack, part number 25740573 shows as not available on gmpartsdirect.com. A little searching found that 25740573 has been replaced with 13500358.

Prices have changed a little from the FAQ but total cost after shipping of all 4 parts is about $130.


05-04-10, 06:03 PM
I paid under a hundred (exclusive of the wheel you need) for my jack kit from Luke at Lindsay Cadillac. Mind you, that was a bit over four years ago, but he'll know exactly what to give you without any guess work. :thumbsup:

05-05-10, 01:54 AM
I have a wheel for you for $100 + Shipping. The wheel doesn't look good but you can paint it any color you want

05-05-10, 03:34 AM
I have a wheel aswell..let us know

05-05-10, 11:00 AM
I could use a wheel. I understand the op has first dibs but if he passes you can email me at hemery at netwtc dot net. This sight will not let me pm yet. skullv I may be able to save you the shipping hassle.

05-05-10, 11:54 AM
i sent u a PM hoghead..hope it lets you read them at least

05-07-10, 01:17 PM
I have a wheel for you for $100 + Shipping. The wheel doesn't look good but you can paint it any color you want

How bad is the wheel? Minor curb rash is ok, but if it needs complete re-finishing, I'm not interested.


05-12-10, 05:39 PM
Still looking for a wheel. PM me with info if you have one for sale.


05-12-10, 08:55 PM
I bought a wheel/tire last fall but had to pay a lot more for it. The people in my office couldn't believe it when a tire shows up wrapped in brown paper.

I found a jack on ebay for a good price. It looks like it will work fine but it is about 1/2" too long to fit within the wheel, so my plan was less than perfect. I was informed after this that I should have just bought the whole jack kit from Lindsey Cadillac.

05-13-10, 05:42 PM
My Jack kit is on the way. Once I can find a spare, I'm going to pick up a set of the Hankook Ventus V12. They seem like a good bang for the buck. I just can't see shelling out $1800 for tires that wear the way the good years do.