: Rear Sway Bar Bushing Part Numbers

05-03-10, 10:40 PM
I have had numerous requests for the part numbers for the Rear Say Bar Bushings. Well, here they are:

They are Energy Suspension 9.5161 and either "G" for Black or "R" for Red with the only difference being red bushings or black.

Installation was a snap.

1. Use a 15mm wrench for the back bushing mount bolts or a shallow socket and remove them. Then remove the front bushing mount bolts.

2. Grease the new bushings.

3. Reinstall the new bushing mounts and bushings.

Total time 15-20 minutes.

The fronts are going to suck! I was looking at them tonight and the passenger is not going to be that bad but the driver has some lines in the way. They are also 36mm or 37mm. I am going to research further and will make a separate post called.......You guessed it!! Front Sway Bar Bushing Part Numbers.

05-05-10, 08:33 AM
I spoke with a guy at Engery Suspension yesterday mid-morning. He told me that they did bring a STS-V in house to evaluate whether or not they'd offer a complete package. Unfortunately, the guy that knows what is going on was out yesterday. As soon as they call me back and let me know, I'll update everyone. A potential package could possibly include the sway bar bushings/engine and tranny mounts/control arm bushings/shock ends/etc...