: 2005 CTS DVD Won't recognize disc Where to get a replacement Dvd Drive

05-03-10, 11:25 AM
My Nav unit won't recognize the DVD disc. I put in a video DVD disc and it won't see that either. I tried cleaning the DVD drive but that didn't work. Anybody no where I can get the DVD drive only. Don't want to pay for the whole Nav unit.

Cadillac Shawn
06-07-13, 07:50 PM
For some reason, no one on here seems to know the answer to this. I saw you and another post on here and I left one as well. Looks like typical GM garbage radio that they hit you up $500 for. You'd be better off buying the vehicle with the lowest system, then buying a wiring harness and tapping into the GM system and plug in a brand new Alpine head unit. You'd have no trouble for 10 years easily.