: Need to confirm rear seal, please look

05-02-10, 08:49 PM
SO before we rip down the racing caddy again next weekend, I want to confirm that the leak is the rear seal. There doesn't appear to be any leak when the car is not running, but there is when we get the car up to speed. It is not a small amount, but looked to be about say a 1/4 quart. We did not rebuild the half seals or oil pan when we studded the engine.

Due to the volume it certainly seems like the rear main seal. Any concurrence?

P.S. If any of the hotdogs (jake) want to fly to dc to help us, we will throw in two free plane tickets and hotel for as long as you would like in lieu of labor charges.

05-02-10, 10:35 PM
cant say for sure but my rear main seal was partially burnt onto the crank