: 245-34-20 or 245-40-20

05-02-10, 03:57 PM
Hi just wondering
right now iv got 245-35-20s

i was wondering can i go up a series and go to the 40s a 245-40-20 will it fit the rim even a 45 will a 45 fit in the car wheel well for a 2000 caddy seville
i know i think these call for 255-35-20s

and im thinking of going to a 40 maybe even a 45 if it will fit


05-06-10, 11:25 AM
wow no one knows ok i guess its clueless lol

05-06-10, 12:17 PM
google tire size calculator...

most important thing is overall height, but you also dont want to go too narrow on your tires

05-06-10, 12:49 PM
stock is 235-60-16 which is 27.1" tall. 245-40-20 is 27.7". not a big difference. depends on your wheel offset though. can't say what your offset is as well as width?

05-06-10, 05:16 PM
i thout i rememebr something about reading somewhere the the clerance was 27.2 for the 2000 seville
but was not sure i didnt know that stock when that far up i numbers to just .1 lower then clearance would have thought it could have given more hmm

my wheel offsett is +40mm and its a 20x8.5