: How does the DIC determine oil life?

05-01-10, 10:16 PM
Anybody know how the DIC determine the oil life percentage? Is it by mileage or hours or...??

05-01-10, 11:38 PM

No seriously no clue

05-01-10, 11:44 PM
I think its by a combination of mileage, time, and engine stress over that time.

05-01-10, 11:55 PM
Something like this (www.goodwrench.com/_res/pdf/OLS1.pdf).

05-02-10, 03:01 PM
Something like this (http://www.goodwrench.com/_res/pdf/OLS1.pdf).

Are you sure?

05-02-10, 07:36 PM
Are you sure?You can never be too sure. The internet is mostly garbage. I do my best to keep my heap under control:stirpot:

05-02-10, 08:38 PM
The algorithm for engine oil life is actually in the engine controller.
When you reset the oil life it starts a counter.
The engine controller monitors things like start temperature, miles driven, driving patterns, including stop and go traffic, highway driving, heavy throttle, short drive cycles, you name it.
For each thing it takes away life accordingly and that information is transmitted to the cluster or radio (DIC) for display.

GM is pretty proud of the software, I'm not so sure I'd wait until it tells you to change the oil to change it, maybe wait until it gets to around 25%.

05-02-10, 10:36 PM
The owner's manual basically explains it like ewill3rd did above. Beyond that, you're getting into internet garbly-goop that may or may not have any validity.

05-03-10, 04:51 PM
There was some technical paper I remember seeing, maybe it was here, that claimed the primary parameter was engine speed/revolutions. But I am sure ewill would know better than anyone else.

05-03-10, 08:33 PM
Thanks Jimmy but I just know how it works, I have never seen a breakdown of the specifics.

05-03-10, 09:00 PM
Yeah my oil was broken down pretty bad by 30% so that's when i changed it. Good info guys thanks.

05-04-10, 01:55 PM
Yeah my oil was broken down pretty bad by 30% so that's when i changed it. Good info guys thanks.

You don't count, your motor oil takes an arse whopping from your motor.

05-04-10, 01:59 PM
Does the GM software account for the type/quality of oil used, as Mobil 1 thinks that 15K miles is good, but not sure to the extent they guarantee it. Here is their take:


05-05-10, 10:21 AM
All those electronics and no ph test?

Maybe soon it will monitor harmful particulates in 'ppm' of the oil.