: differential drone

05-01-10, 10:14 AM
My differential started 'droning' if I'm maintaining a speed and not accelerating/decelerating.

That's not good huh?

I can live with it, but want to know if it means differential failure is imminent, or not. ?

05-01-10, 10:44 AM
Fluid level okay?

05-01-10, 12:38 PM
On the early versions the whine frequently signaled imminent failure. With the later units, not so much. If you want to know for sure, send in a sample of your fluid for oil analysis to someplace like Blackstone labs.


If your iron content is "off the charts" trouble is in the making.

05-01-10, 12:50 PM
Thanks for the replies.

It's not a whine so much as a drone. You don't even hear it unless the radio's off and windows are closed.

I've had the differential fluid checked each oil change. Apparently there's a TSB about oil leaking out the differential vent hose. Looking under the car, the differential is covered in oil...for the last several thousand miles. Dealer told me (I'm out of warranty) that it's nothing to worry about. Then the drone started.

I can count on the fingers of my left hand how many times in the last 3 years I've had wheelhop. I'm very easy on the car in 1st and 2nd gear.