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04-30-10, 04:14 PM
I was driving with a friend last night who asked me if there was a screen on the navigation that showed the maximum speed and other stats? In both my portable navigations systems (garmin and magellan) there are stats screen that captures Trip, avg speed, etc. Anyone find this on the STS V?

Thanks in advance,


04-30-10, 04:27 PM
no, cause its not there.


04-30-10, 07:04 PM
That would be a cool option!

05-02-10, 08:48 AM
Of course alot of that stuff is available scrolling through the display on the driver information center with the speedometer. So far I've owned 5 vehicles with factory GPS systems - none display all the data that my portable Garmin does. But I still would rather have the factory systems any day - much cleaner. (The Garmin is only for my motorcycle.)