: Got car washed, they stalled it/ popped the clutch 4 times... now it engages later...

04-30-10, 01:50 PM
So I went to the local full service car wash... and after they vacuumed it, the guy moving it up to start the wash... popped the clutch and killed it twice... once hard as he chirped the back tires good.

Goes through the wash... and the guy moving it out pops the clutch and also kills it twice... once hard again, as the back tires shutter again hard. I am not happy!

Anyways... here is the question... my clutch engages further up off the floor now. It used to be right there as I was releasing it... but now it engages further up.

What happened? Why would it be engaging later now?

Thanks for any insights/ thoughts you may have on this!

04-30-10, 03:28 PM
They got the fluid hot by reving it up and slipping the clutch. Just bleed it and it should come right back to where it was. It may even come back after a few days on it's own.

04-30-10, 04:31 PM
i think thats karma for letting someone else wash your V.

I was at firestone this weekend getting an alignment, and after the tech bucked poor V down the road for about a mile I kindly asked him to park it for a second...then i told him to get out. boy was that an uneasy ride back. his ego was a bit tainted although i told him before we even got in that he would have a bit of trouble... when we got back he got out and slammed my door like a little pissy bitch.

i hadnt done a good deed that day yet, so i didnt sell him out. its bad enough that he has to work at firestone, and on top of that he was probably having a bad day.

regardless, i swear my clunk is worse now.