: A/C smells....

04-29-10, 01:17 PM
Hey guys, got a question....my A/C smells like a ratty gym sock as soon as it kicks on. Seems to be worse when it's hot outside. It smells for a few seconds then it goes away. I know there is a compartment air filter that I can change under the pass wiper blade. I did this on my old V with little change in odor. I am wondering where the pick-up for the a/c is, where it gets air from to cool and push thru the vents?
What can I do to get the smell out of the a/c system and the car in general? I will be changing that filter this weekend and placing some arm and hammer boxes under the seats.

Does anyone have any suggestions or cured this problem in their car?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated....Thanks

04-29-10, 01:46 PM
I would try changing the cabin air filter and put a little vanilla extract in the ducts and see if that helps. If it smells like the gym I would assume it's moisture related, maybe condensation (especially when it's warm) is getting in somewhere?

04-29-10, 02:45 PM
See attached.

04-29-10, 02:47 PM
Not the answer you wanna hear, but I've owned and been in alot of cars that have the sweaty sock AC smell..new and used, foreign and domestic. You can try changing the cabin air filter. I did, and made no difference.

04-29-10, 03:43 PM
See attached.

Hey Darkman, thanks for the info. Now where is the evaporator core...is it by the fornt of the car?

I think thats it? I was looking into using this...


Thoughts? Have u done this before....

Thanks in advance

04-29-10, 04:15 PM
See attached files for pictures showing components. The condenser is in front of the radiator, the evaporator is in the car. I would have a professional drill any holes because drilling the wrong place can be a disaster.

I have never had this problem on the V. I have had odor problems with other ACs that were cured by unblocking the drain hose. A blocked drain hose can let water and mold accumulate in the interior of the unit. (At least that was the case on non-Vs.)

04-30-10, 01:01 AM
pour some simple green down the AC intake then wash your car.

04-30-10, 01:51 PM
Wife will tell you it's my incessant gas, but nonetheless I used Wurth's air conditioner treatment. Completely eliminated all A/C smells in both cars (other is MDX). It could certainly be something more complicated, but I prefer to start simple and go from there.


Cadillac Cust Svc
05-01-10, 10:23 AM
It looks like you've gotten quite a bit of good feedback from the community on this one. If you have any questions about your warranty and things of that nature you can reach out to me through the forum.

Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service

05-02-10, 01:24 AM
My car smelled like that as well, once I found my Gym bag in the car and got it out all was well.

05-03-10, 09:06 AM
There is a feature that can be enabled by a Tech II (disabled by default from the factory) that will turn run the HVAC fans on high for 2 minutes after the engine shuts off if the A/C was in use on shutdown. This feature dries the evaporator to avoid any microbes 'making a home.' Or, you can manually do this as a tip by the dealers to manually turn off the A/C but run the fans for a few minutes before shutting the car off.

05-04-10, 05:49 PM
All this info is great. I hate that sock smell. What is the AFTERBLOW in HVAC automatic procedure?