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Brit Deville
08-25-04, 03:55 AM

I live in England and drive a 1993 Sedan Deville that I've owned for about six years. I drive it every day as it's my normal vehicle, i.e. not a 'show' vehicle. It's done about 98,000 miles. It still runs sweetly although it has a few minor problems that I'd associate with its age.(see my posts in other forums). I often drive it to Southern France. My most enjoyable trip was when we took it to Monte Carlo. I'd shined up the chrome and had it looking superb. People were taking photographs of us thinking we were movie stars or something. My daughter loved it.

Hope to gain some valuable advice here to help me keep it on the road for another 10 years! I'll contribute what I can, but I really don't know anything about how they work. Fortunately, I know a man that does! :)

08-25-04, 08:06 AM
Welcome BD!
Its nice to hear from our friends "across the pond"! Thanks for joining. Sounds like a nice SDV you have. Cruising around europe in a Caddy must be fun. Good luck.