: Original Rear-2005 w/ 74,000

04-28-10, 10:43 AM
I did some searching on the fourms & really couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have a 2005 V with 74,000. I'm having no issues or noises as of yet. But, I'm concerned cuz I just did headers, high flo-cats, as we speak I'm having the Fidanza Twin Disc installed & will be getting a tune next week after vacation. I felt the stock clutch slipping after the headers & the W4M tune, that's why I went with the Twin Disc. I'm just worried ya kno?

So anyway my question is when I do need a new rear will my a**hole stealer ship cover it? I do have the 100K Mile Luxury Warranty! So I assume I should be good right?

Also I'm coming up on the mileage cap on the warranty so Do you think there is anyway I can go in a request a GEN II or GEN III Rear without any noticeable issue with the stock POS?

Is there anyone out there still running the original rear?

Thanks for the help guys! [/FONT]

04-28-10, 10:54 AM
Is there anyone out there still running the original rear?

Here's a thread that may be of interest...


04-28-10, 10:57 AM
Where are you located, if you post that information, you may have a few respondents in your area advise on dealerships that are mod friendly.
Not sure how your 'Luxury Warranty' differs from standard extended coverage, but some, not all, stealerships may not do warranty work due to performance mods.
Also, on other threads there are comments regarding only diff replacement available is Gen III, so you should get this version.

04-28-10, 10:57 AM
Being cool with mods is a dealer by dealer case. Some are cool, some won't touch it. In Jacksonville, one dealer wouldn't even read the codes from a CEL because of my headers and another dealer in town replaced 2 diffs and a driveshaft with my headers. A new clutch might change that, but unless you mention it or you change the bellhousing, my bet would be that the dealer would never know.

I also doubt a dealer would replace a diff without any problems. GM doesn't really have spare cash sitting around to be replacing parts based on a bad feeling, but you never know, all they can say is, no.

good luck.

04-28-10, 11:08 AM
The tuned PCM might be your biggest issue with warranty work...if they check it. Also, the latest diff is GEN IV, although many reference it as GEN III. Either way, if you get a replacement by a dealer it will be the latest design.

04-28-10, 11:30 AM
Thanks Whisler151 I just found that thread! Im in North Babylon, New York. I go to Atlantic Chevrolet in Bay Shore, NY.
My last experience with them was a freaking joke! My P/S Pump was SHOT! (after being warm & I told them that 3 times) & there was fluid around my transmission housing. They had the car for three days & couldn't find any problems! I picked it up & left drove 10 mins to home & couldn't turn into my driveway! So I drove back & showed the mechanic who said there was nothing wrong. He goes "oh it's a sensor" So I asked about the fluid around my transmission & the Mechanic said it was motor oil from previsous oil changes!! Yeah I laughed in his face after that one! Than he says go fix it your self, if you know better than me. I basically lost it & was screaming in his face. I also had words with the service manger for basically walking away from me after I asked him why I couldnt take a curtisoy car home instead of the POS Enterprise cars I've been getting. He says with a freaking attitude while walking passed me "there promised to other customers". Which is understandable but speak to me like a man, like I'm a valued customer, instead of blowing me off!

But anyway after all said and done the P/S pump was replaced cuz it was found to be shot! (thats what the service manger said)
The transmisson rear seal ( I forget the exact name for it) but it was replaced!

I also had my headers & highflow cats & strait pipes than! So would you assume they would warranty the diff.?
I doubt it, that is why I need a "mod friendly" dealer near me. Any help would be really appreciated guys! Thanks in advance.

04-28-10, 11:59 AM
In reading many posts about dealers replacing the diff... it seems some dealers will do it, even if there is no noticeable whine in it. Years ago GM was in hot water with customers and the federal hwy safety folks on the diff. Many wanted a recall but it never came to be. GM seems to be pretty easy about a diff replacement, and that probably has something to do with it.

This is just my intuition, but if you find the right dealer, getting the diff replaced should happen for you. Seems all you need to say is that it is whining, whether it is or not. That seems to be the required paperwork statement. Just food for thought.

04-28-10, 05:09 PM
You have 26,000 miles left on the warranty it seems. That would leave considerable time left to see how the diff pans out since you stated the miles left is your concearn. 1. an unfriendly dealer could deny based on the unprovable claim that based on your aftermarket parts/tune failure is not covered. 2. You either got a good diff from the factory or drive it as to not hurt it and it could last forever. 3. If it shows no signs of issue why mess with it as there are others who did and get whine out of even the newest gen. If you get one of those you did no good for yourself, GM warranty costs, Or the next guy who has issues and gets denied by the dealer cause they are tired or the zine rep is tired of replaceing them when they don't need replacing. Don't mean to tick anyone off but if you have no problem or signs of issues leave it alone. Fire retardant suit put on.....................................