: Attention Florida V owners SCT is looking for you

04-27-10, 11:14 PM
As some of you may have already read about there seems to be different methods/glitches with the handheld SCT Tuner's to get them to work properly.

I had my issue resolved today with Chris @ SCT and he mentioned that if they had a test vehicle on site they could better see whats going on with things such as why some owners like me have to pull the 6 BCM fuses and the onstar fuse and why others do not. There was also an error code thrown by the handheld indicating the map may have been at fault but upon a reload all worked fine.

With a car on site they have the ability to make a good product better .

They are located in the Orlando area if anyone is interested and Chris in tech support would be the guy to speak to.
Thanks, Benny

04-27-10, 11:20 PM

I am in Fort Walton Beach / Destin, FL area...about 6-8 hours away, but I will try to get in touch with Chris. I have had issues with the handheld...do not have my tunes yet, but it was a headache downloading the stick files and sending them to Jesse...we will see about the process of uploading the tunes once I receive them...


04-27-10, 11:29 PM
Scott , Speak to Chris if you have any problems or PM me if they are not available so I can explain what I had to do. It may not be a bad idea to pull the fuses before the download to eliminate that being an issue.

04-28-10, 12:24 AM
cant believe there is no HP tuners use going on yet!

04-28-10, 03:06 PM
cant believe there is no HP tuners use going on yet!

My guess is that W4ME only pushes SCT handhelds and is familiar with their software. I dont believe there are any other tuners on this board that offer alternates (mail order). Besides Jesse provides questions to answers and has shared alot of his knowledge with us.

04-28-10, 06:43 PM
As a side note. I changed my tune from max performance to race max performance. Although I have loaded this tune before without issue, this time I got an error message 1034 or something like that. It defaulted and there were a series of codes generated. I could start the car, but i could not program the car until reinstalled the stock tune. I tried clering the codes and they reappeared each time i started the car. In the DIC, I had driver assit off (could not turn off) service stability control and another flashing.

Fix was,
return to stock tune
remove onstar fuse (did not have to remove any others)
Uploaded tune succesfully.

I think these handhelds can be finicky :)

04-29-10, 09:00 PM
I was under the impression that you had to always reload the stock tune if you wanted to change tunes. For example when I had the min tune loaded I had to reload the stock tune then I loaded the max tune. No problems encountered so far.

04-29-10, 09:23 PM
I was not aware of this. Can this be confirmed?

04-29-10, 09:26 PM
SCT has some serious issues. Thank God Jesse is around.