View Full Version : 2005 STS 1SE package Nav V8

04-27-10, 06:36 PM
Bought the 2005 Black Raven STS for cash from a dealer in 2008. I walked away and they called me back to accept my offer. It was a lease car that didn't make the cut at Caddy dealer, and was auctioned, and wound up at Nissan. The front lower valence had been sandblasted by the road. The front driver seat was like brand new as well as the interior. I was looking for a car I could put some miles on without taking a beating. It came with both fobs, 44k on the clock. It is at 57k now 2 years later.

Pros- It is made in America. It has no signs of rust or corrosion. Nice ride- bought it for long trips and some occasional business use. Nice acceleration. I enjoy the XM comedy, and sports. It looks nice. I can get in and out without shredding the interior. The navi is ok, the bluetooth works, my girlfriend uses the IPOD, the rear back up sensor has saved me from scratching the bumper, the remote start is extremely useful, the heated steering wheel is a godsend, the mirror controls are good (I use them for parallel parking), the traction control is superb. I never use the voice prompts. Previous car was BMW M5 and I am happy to get rid of the tire expense and shifting gears. The 340 hp northstar caddy is not as fast as the 400hp M5. BMW uses a higher grade leather that wears well, whereas Cadillac has always gone for the softer hides.

Cruising at 65mph, the RPMS are 2200. This is not optimal for fuel mileage, I get about 17 18 around town and 22 to 27 depending on the trip.
The tires wear fast, maybe a new set at 20-25k.
The factory paint is thin, water drops leave marks. This does not happen on my other cars!! Yet the STS sits in the garage.
The controls on the steering wheel should be for speed control, not the radio volume. Cadillac is still using the same control at the end of the blinker that they've used since I was a kid.
The pass side front headlight assembly drew moisture, but it's gone now.
The receiver in the pass door had to be replaced 2x before the dealer got it right.
I'm 6'2" and a runner. My hamstring tightens up on the harder-european style seat. It's painful to be in the car for more then an hour. For long trips, I use my powerstroke diesel, which is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned.
Owning the STS is a wash. Not sure if I'll get another. I wish they still made Fleetwoods. I may consider a retro year with the pillow seats.