: mm change time?

04-26-10, 01:49 PM
What are the labor times?
1- dealer also how much do they charge?
2- myself 1st time with a lift?


04-26-10, 08:29 PM
no lift needed. just 4 jack stands and a jack. If just doing mm then it will likley be 4-8 hours on your own. dealer is 2 hours one side 1.75 hours the other. i just did my mounts while doing headers. I am not sure if factory manifolds need to come off to allow mounts to clear. i NEVER did this kind of work. i did my homework here found several walkthroughs and took my time with a firend. saved big money and proud of doing myself !!

go for it.

04-27-10, 06:56 AM
ill do a search for a walk Through. i have access to a lift anytime so it will just be that much easier. thanks for the help.

04-27-10, 04:05 PM
Took me 4 hours start to finish using jackstands. This is with all of the stock exhaust components intact as well as the starter. Follow this thread here and you should have no problems. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-performance/178182-full-motormount-removale-install.html

NOTE: A lot of people were messing up and thinking the motor needed jacked up significantly but it does not. You will need a #10 female (inverted) torx bit to remove the stud once you take off the 22mm nut and then the motor will clear the small dowel pin with ease. (it is clear once you see it) BTW I couldn't find just a single female torx bit so I had to buy a whole set for $45, probably to never be used on anything again! :)

04-28-10, 05:08 AM
Its $500+ for a chevy/caddy dealership to do it here. I did them myself (grey CS), and I can honestly say it was one of the worst jobs I've done on a car but wow, what a sense of accomplishment. I'd definetely trade all that sense though for the money to burn to let someone else do it while I drive a loaner or chug beers.

04-28-10, 06:56 AM
Thanks guys this great info.

04-28-10, 06:59 AM
The flat rate standard for the motor mount replacement is 4.6 hours.

04-28-10, 01:18 PM
thanks darkman

04-29-10, 03:23 PM
If you are hesitating about doing this mod, all I can say is don’t hesitate, DO IT. It is one of the biggest changes I have seen, the driveline clunk is gone, it feels like a different car. (Changed the MM, trans mount and rear diff bushing)
When I removed the driver’s side, the mount was shot. The passenger’s side did not have the lower nut on the mount, it was gone, hard to tell but it may never have been there.
Now I am patiently waiting for my short shifter.

04-29-10, 04:48 PM
oh im doing it. im just waiting till my current ones go out.

04-30-10, 03:33 AM
oh im doing it. im just waiting till my current ones go out.

Not doubting that you didn't inspect them closely but...I thought mine were ok as well until I got them out! One spilled fluid on me and the other was dry as a popcorn fart. Again not doubting you but I THOUGHT mine were ok as well when looking at them from under the car and comparing pics online.

04-30-10, 06:35 AM
oh im doing it. im just waiting till my current ones go out.

mine looked fine. did a brake torque and saw the motor rock. both of the mounts were shot.

04-30-10, 09:52 AM
The job is not bad. Just have a shit ton of extensions. Power tools help bigtime/too of course.

Taking the cats off (or headers if you are badass) will help a lot.