: Few issues

04-26-10, 10:08 AM
Hi all

Havent been on here for a bit but thought I would post a few comments regarding my BLS 150 TD after 3 months ownership. My car is an 06 with 37k on the clock. Car has been great for 3 months, im averaging 48.7MPG which im chuffed about. Had a blown brake light bulb, 2.50 from Halfords and a front position light again 2.50 from Halfords. Now few issues are that my left wing mirror wont retract, move electrically, heat etc. Seems to point to a connector not engaged. Does anybody know how to dissassemble the the housing or where the connector is? Also there seems to be a problem with the EGR valve on these diesel engines. SAAB and GM forums seem to show hundereds of problems with this valve. Anyway my Caddy seems to have a problem with exessive smoke at low revs or idle. Noticed it more and more when sat at traffic lights etc and it starts blowing past. Have ordered a new Valve and will post a new thread with pics on how I get on fitting it. ;)