View Full Version : Nasty Roof Creaks

04-24-10, 05:42 AM
I've got an '07 XLR-V that's got about 7k miles on it. Last year when I put it up for the winter, the roof would creak going over bumps and especially if you went over a speed bump or driveway entry at an angle. I put some Krytox on the rubber gasket between the roof and the windshield and the problem improved dramatically. I've had the car out once since the winter is over now and the creaks are terrible. They're worse than they were before I put it up for the winter. Seem to all be coming from the rear of the roof now. Anyone else have this problem and suggestions on how to fix it?

04-25-10, 02:34 AM
Retract the roof half-way to gain access to the weather stripping. Apply a silicon-based seal lubricant to the seals (available from your dealer or most auto parts stores) to prolong their life and eliminate squeaks. Luckily, this is a cheap fix you can do yourself!