: 93 fuel pressure regulator

silver duke
04-22-10, 05:38 PM
Hi everyone, I just started to remove my upper intake on my 93 sts to clean the egr mouseholes and phenolic spacers. As soon as I removed th top cover plate(functional on 93 northstars) . I noticed a light dusting of oil or fuel all over the black plastic intake and the smell of fuel. I suspect my fuel pressure regulator may be leaking fuel through the vaccuum port on top. I think the extra fuel may be getting sucked into the intake ports. The car is not really hard to start ever, however i did fail a recent emmissions test on Hydrocarbons. You guys advised me to check the fuel pressure reg. How do i test the fuel press regulator at this point? I was thinking of borrowing a vaccum test pump and seeing if the regulator will hold vaccum. How much vaccum should I apply ? I should have tested the fuel pressure before disassembly but too late now. Is there any other way to test it?The car has had poor fuel economy but otherwise runs quite well.

04-22-10, 06:11 PM
Just turn the key on to energize the pump and pressurize the fuel system, but DO NOT crank or start the engine. If fuel leaks from the nipple, the FPR is bad and needs to be replaced.