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04-20-10, 03:35 PM
When watching a dvd/mp4, the on screen options still appear.(ie onstar option, bluetooth option, video options)

How do I go "fullscreen"?


04-20-10, 05:50 PM
When you are on the video screen touch anywhere to bring up the on screen menu. Then touch the "Screen Adjust" button on the right. Once that menu appears, you will see 3 buttons on the right side that allow you to set the screen width and height.

04-21-10, 03:03 PM
big caddy, try this. when watching the video touch anywhere on the screen that is not a "button" or "selection" and it all should disappear except the video you are watching. don't think you need to adjust anything... :hmm:

04-21-10, 10:59 PM

thanks guys