: New member from France ! glad to introduce my 1977 fleetwood

04-20-10, 09:41 AM
Hello !
I'm really glad to introduce my 1977 fleetwood brougham d'elegance Cadillac. I've owned this beautifull caddy for one and half year.
I live in France, near Bordeaux.
My caddillac was built in april 1977, and imported brand new in France. It passed the licence (French regulation) in July the same year.

This very big car compared to french typical cars (please don't say anything about the citroen 2CV!!) is very pleasant to drive. one of the most pleasant vintage car i've ever owned.

Its condition is very good, with only 105.000 kilometers (sorry for the metrics, I shoud say less than 65.000 miles). Quite no rust. And I've just replace with original US made parts: 4 tires, exaust, radiator, water pump...etc.

Hope you will enjoy these pics of a part of USA in France !
Glad to be with you.
See you.
Jean François.

10-06-10, 12:52 PM
Beautiful unit! Congratulations. One part of the fun of owning these cars is looking for parts, repair and improving them. Enjoy it!

10-27-10, 04:48 PM
Salut le Francais avec une belle Cadillac!

11-03-10, 11:51 PM
Your Fleetwood seems to be a very nice exmple of a great American car. I remember reading an article that interviewed a group of Italian car designers (including Giugiaro) back in the 1970's and their great praise for this design Cadillac and how they couldn't believe that these luxurious cars could be produced for the price they could be bought in th U.S. Back in the seventies one of my best friends bought a new 1977 Fleetwood, I purchased a new Seville at the same time, both of us kept these cars for over ten years because we were so happy with them and unhappy with the Cadillacs of the 1980's because of the engines with which they came equipped. I hope you enjoy large "American Beauty!"

midnite kid
11-13-10, 09:30 PM
you need any parts,get a hold of me