: Cadillacs

08-23-04, 11:29 PM
I've seen the Jada 64th scale cars and they are pretty dope. They reproduce some of the 60's Caddy's so do the "Homey" line of custom miniatures. But do any of you guys know if anyone produces EXCLUSIVELY Cadillac? Preferably the 70's yacht's. I've been looking EVERYWHERE and I cannot find just Caddy's.

I really want a smaller version of my car for work. It'd really spruce up my stale cubicle which I rot in daily. :annoyed:

08-24-04, 10:45 AM
Hotwheels cars work well for this try the "Lead Sleadz" Series , 2 to a box fully deatalied 53 and 59 eldos

you can get 1/18th models of the complete 2004 Lineup of cadillac automobiles :
and the CTS, ESV, EXT here :