: wait4me Mild, Max and Race Tunes

04-19-10, 06:08 PM
I have a call in to Jesse, but in the meantime can anyone explain the difference between the Mild, Max and Race Tunes? Lower Pulley, 160 T-stat, extra intercooler, 3" exhaust. Each one in turn feels better, but I would like to know what the difference is if anyone knows what changes between the three.

At my request, Jesse also changed my manual shift so it shifts UP at the rev limit, but he only included it on the Mild Tune. Is there some reason he might not have been able to include it on Max and Race?

04-19-10, 06:42 PM
I am about to order the handheld and tunes from Jesse also so I am curious to see the answers you get back. But I also have another question to add. I live in SoCal where our max octane rating is 91. My Corvette tuner had specific tunes for 91 octane vice 93 (Which is what I'm assuming most of the rest of the V owners out there are using...). Does anyone know if the tunes you are getting for the V are different based on expected octane ratings?

04-19-10, 07:50 PM
The programmer allows for the selectionof 91 or 93 octane. Hopefully Jesse programmed it for 91 since he knows that I am in San Diego.